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Teresa [テレサ]


My name is Teresa Kelly and I am from the UK.
I am a fully qualified CELTA teacher and I have been teaching English to speakers of other
languages for more than ten years. I have a BA Honours degree in International Studies. And
as well as teaching English I have also worked in public relations and communications.
My mission is to support, guide and inspire learners to confidently communicate in English
and feel GREAT doing it.

I absolutely love teaching and helping learners to increase their English language skills and
achieve their goals.

I have worked with business professionals to improve their English language skills in the
workplace, for example to write reports that get read and get noticed, or to create and
deliver a brilliant presentation.

I have also supported students to successfully pass Cambridge English exams and the IELTS

In my classes you will learn new language that is useful and interesting for you. You will also
improve your skills and develop the confidence to communicate well so you get the results
you are looking for.

I can help you improve in all five English language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing
and pronunciation

I am committed to supporting the people I work with to reach their full potential.

My role is to equip learners with the language and skills they need to get ahead and progress with their English. This way they gain the confidence required to really use the language and reach their full potential.

A language learner myself, I have been on the other side of the desk. I know what it is like to learn a language from zero.

I have worked with business people, university students, doctors and sopranos. I have prepared students for exams (such as IELTS and FCE), job interviews, telephone and face to face meetings, speaking at public engagements and various other situations.

I am motivated by students’ incredible perseverance and success in grasping the English language.
I am inspired by those people who grab challenges with both hands and never give up.