International Experience
Shin worked for Kyodo News, a leading news agency in Japan, as a reporter for more than thirty-five years, having abundant overseas assignments including New York, Singapore and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In New York, Black Monday stock market crash in 1978 was the most unforgettable experience for him.

Education & Career Background
Shin has a BA from Nanzan University in English Literature. After returning to Japan, he taught international affairs at National University of Yamanashi as a part-time lecturer for eight years. He has written several books including Singapore’s Success and  New York As I Lived It (both published by Simul Press).

Current Interests
Shin has enrolled in Coursera, one of the MOOCs (massive  open online courses), taking English composition courses at Duke University and Ohio State University. He is also interested in playing the saxophone. His favorite tunes are the Beatles’ Yesterday and Hey Jude.

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