Communications Course

Communications 101: Public Speaking (106 Lessons)
The course objective is to acquaint you with the groundwork, background, and processes of public speaking. You will also gain an understanding of the best approaches to giving speeches and how to tailor these approaches to best reach your listeners.

Communications 102: Interpersonal Communication (124 Lessons)
The objective of this course is to introduce you to significant concepts of interpersonal communication. You will learn the forms and features of interpersonal communication as well as how to improve self-esteem, how to listen effectively, and how emotions vary depending on culture.

Communications 103: Workplace Communications with Computers (89 Lessons)
Learn effective communication processes and explore how cultural differences can affect workplace communications. The video lessons can also teach you to communicate to groups, develop and deliver persuasive messages, and use technology in the workplace. *

Communications 104: Intro to Mass Communications I (75 Lessons)
This entertaining course offers a complete introduction to mass communications. Explore bite-sized lessons to study the history, models and theories of mass communications and examine various forms of publishing, including book, newspaper and magazine. This course also covers the film industry, television and the Internet, as well as the relationship between mass communications and society. *

Communications 105: Intro to Mass Communications II (52 Lessons)
In this course you’ll become familiar with the platforms and technologies that have contributed to mass communications over the last several decades. As you progress through the course’s short and informative lessons, you’ll break down the elements/impacts of broadcast, cable, satellite and Internet television, as well as TV industry regulations, trade associations, news media and much more.

Communications 106: Communication in the Digital Age (84 Lessons)
This course examines the basics of mass communication and media, media literacy, digital communication tools and the regulation of digital media. You’ll also see how the digital age has impacted the print, radio/recording, television/movie and video game industries. *

Communications 120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace (32 Lessons)
The course objective is to teach strategies that you can use to develop and successfully deliver quality business presentation.

Communications 301: Diversity and Intercultural Communication (76 Lessons)
The course objective is to teach students the fundamental elements of diversity and intercultural communication. Students will learn about the influence culture has on communication; nuances in nonverbal communication; ethnocentricity, prejudice and stereotypes; sexism & gender roles; and intercultural communication in professional settings.

Communications 302: The History of Human Language (75 Lessons)
This course outlines the history of human language through a series of concise and engaging lessons. You’ll learn about the development and spread of human language, as well as the basics of language theory, acquisition, influences, disorders and treatments.

Email Marketing Training (52 Lessons)
This course offers short and engaging lessons that cover essential email marketing fundamentals and strategies. Your company’s marketing employees can learn simple techniques that can be used to market to customers for the purpose of increasing sales and profits. *

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