Level 1

Accounting 101: Financial Accounting (138 Lessons)
This course provides a complete introduction to financial accounting terminology, concepts, and best practices. You will be able to understand the purpose of accounting, financial statements, types of assets, and other elements of financial accounting.

Accounting 102: Intro to Managerial Accounting (81 Lessons)
The course objective is to give you a foundational understanding of accounting. You will learn to identify and describe various accounting methods as well as how to use and interpret basic accounting tools such as budgets, cost and profit analyses, the activity-based costing process, financial statements, income statements, and balance sheets.

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Level 2

Accounting 201: Intermediate Accounting I (121 Lessons)
At the end of the course, you’ll be able to analyze definitions and explanations of financial accounting terms, as well balance sheets, income statements, cash flow evaluation, business transactions and more.

Accounting 202: Intermediate Accounting II (72 Lessons)
At the end of the course, you’ll be able to strengthen your knowledge of important intermediate accounting concepts such as corporate income taxes, methods for cost accounting and post-retirement benefits.

Level 3

Accounting 301: Applied Managerial Accounting (142 Lessons)
The course objective is to analyze topics such as corporate governance and decision making in the field of managerial accounting.

Accounting 302: Advanced Accounting (139 Lessons)
The course objective is to examine accounting principles, such as interpreting financial statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.

Accounting 303: Cost Accounting (152 Lessons)
The objective of this course is to help you master cost accounting methods and learn how they are used in business situations. The course will guide you through costing formulas, activity-based costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, allocation, ethics, modern day trends, and more.

Additional Courses & Resources

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edx – Accounting
Youtube – Accounting

New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants – Vocabulary


accountingadjustcash flowcertifiedclientcostcredit
current valuecyclecyclicaldebitdebtdeduct/iondefer
deposit in transitdetermine (a value)distributedocumentdocumentationdouble entry methodelectronic funds transfer
estimateface valuefigure outfirst-in-first-outfirst-in-last-outincome statementinsufficient funds
journal->~ entry~ of original entrypost (to ~)last-in-first-outledgeroutstanding check
over (as in “A over B”)par valuepetty cash->replentish ~profitreconciliationreplenish petty cash
share (stock)spreadsheetstatementtabletrial balancevoucher


accountaccounts payableaccounts receivableadjust, adjustedassetbuildingcash
cost of goods soldcurrent assetcurrent liabilitydeferreddepositdepreciationdiscount
distributeddividendequityexpensefixedfixed assetsformula
goodsgoodwillgross incomeincomeintangible assetinventoryinvestments
liabilitiesnotes payableowner’s equitypayrollpetty cashpreferred stockproperty
refundretained earningsreturn(s)revenuesalarysecuritiessupplies
t-accounttangible assetwagesworking capital

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