Our Program

Experiential Project-Based & Real World training for International Communication, Business and Career.

This course focuses on teamwork, individual education and guidance, textbooks, and practical projects,

Our Students are seeking to use international Business skills to:
Find a job
Get a promotion
Start a business
Grow a business
Get an MBA

Location & Schedule:
Our Campus is online and in-person at select locations:
We use video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype and Whereby to conduct one-on-one (2 times a week for 25 minutes) and group discussions (1 time a week for 50 minutes).

Regular communication among coaches and students is held using digital tools such as Google Suite, Trello and slack.


Lesson Curriculum
Lesson topics covered include:
・English Communication ・Business English
・Accounting ・ Decision making
・ Business under uncertain events
・ Understanding worldviews
・ Risk taking ・ Critical thinking
・ Story telling ・ Marketing
・ Strategy ・ Innovation creation
・ Acquisition ・ Management
・ Business innovation

Students will receive individual coaching on coursework, and support for presenting business research and participating in group discussions.

Real-Word Projects
This training provides the process of learning through real business. During the course, students will work with other students to achieve real business results in short-term and long-term projects.

Example Projects:
Hold an Event (Online and in-person)
Publish Content (Website, Blog, eBook, Podcast, YouTube channel)

Students participate in projects composed of real businesses with international members. It provides a diverse environment for studying and discussing business topics and frameworks in English.

Project Sponsors Include:
DC English
Thom Peace Consulting
Phoenix Films Japan
Peace Works Japan

Coaches join student teams and support to participate in discussions and conduct meetings.

Students include managers and leaders of large companies and major NGOs, as well as entrepreneurs and sole proprietors.

If you would like to take this course, please apply here program@aoyama.pro


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